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“Illuminated Warriors has helped me. Providing me with ways to get and stay on the path to illumination. Whether a nudge, a call to action or a course correction subtly and sometimes more bluntly. Always, always with love.”  

~ Paulie

" I will forever keep you in my heart and minds eye, I leave for college in a few days and I ask for your prayers and love. I miss you Waska and hope our paths collide in the near future. You have been of the most powerful influences in my life and I'll always feel in debt for you helping me mature as a man, so I thank you for guiding me on this path of life."       ~ Mac

“I learned how to meditate, I learned more about chakras, I learned how to speak my truth and how to help myself grow.” 

 ~ Ed

"Probably the best experience of my life. I can’t remember ever feeling so pure and close to nature. Nor have I ever felt such powerful energy. It changed me as a person. I prayed like I’ve never prayed before. After the lodge I felt a giddy feeling I haven’t felt since I was a child. I felt my brothers pain as well as their love and compassion and that is what got me through. Thank you my brothers and thank you for keeping us grounded throughout the experience."      


"Waska, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful insightful messages you provided. I can't even imagine the hours of preparation you had to do in order to bring this together. It was so very successful and I feel I learned years worth or knowledge in just a few weeks. I wish I could replay the messages on a daily basis, they provided me with so much peace and love. Thanks again, with love and light.  Margaret" 

"The power of the Illuminated Warriors and the work we are collectively doing created a masculine energy tornado that bore into the womb of the Mother. The fog was lifted and it began! The challenge that pushed me to new levels of acceptance/strength to reach the fullness of being I now feel; to move forward in a direction which resonates with my karmic agreement. I could not have gotten so far with this experience without the combined energy of my brothers...  I am without doubt my intent set forth will come to pass in the most beautiful and amazing of ways from my fellowship with all of you and Divine Beloved, Great Spirit. Namaste, Professor Mike"

“This Round went deeper, which was difficult for me at first, but being a lover of challenge I dove in."  

 ~ Michael

"I learned everyone’s on different levels.” 

 ~  JD

“I’m not the old me, my story has changed because I was shown another way. I chose to change my story and that is wonderful, Thank you.”     ~ Chris

"I’d like to Thank you Waska for everything you do and for all the people you help and support. I couldn’t stop talking about the days events. I awoke the next morning @11 with a feeling of renewal and a appreciation for life. I caught myself paying attention to the words I used ...The take away at this point, is I am thankful for all I have in my life, the people who support me and the people I support.  Aho. Craig"

"I had a wonderful experience... I felt confident and secure that we were in the hands of someone who is very experienced...  Beautiful words and song that really reached inside me, and when we sung our own song, it really impacted me, still to this day, almost haunting in a good way. All in all at the end I felt somewhere along the lines between jelly and primordial ooze. Thanks again, Marc"

 "The experience was very life changing, like you feel reborn and look at things with a new perspective and gratitude. I would recommend this to anyone and personally do it again if given the chance."  

~ Edward

"Hello Waska, It was a healing for me, the card I received at our morning circle, it is OK to love myself, which has been a tremendous issue for me throughout my life. So that I can be who I really am, so that I can enjoy as much life as possible and to be available to help and guide my children and grand children and so I can continue to perform my light worker duties. Thank you!  Thank you! Namaste,  Pete"

"Waska, you’re another “random”(GOD coincidence) guide and I really appreciate how that happens and I admire how you're focused on helping men!"  

~ Shawn

Thank you so much Waska. I am still marinating in our discussion. I found it very powerful and insightful to speak with you. I have immense gratitude for your guidance...Thanks for sharing the content...the series has been very helpful in providing me with a new perspective and an expanded language from which I can better express myself. 

~ Gabrielle

"Oh My Goodness Waska, You truly are one of those angels that walk among us and light up the bricks for us to move forward. Thank you again for the time and love you put into your fellow man. At a time in the world where there is so much hatred and discrimination its so wonderful to be able to hear words of love and kindness from so many different people...I want you to know that I carry a lot of your words with me everyday. With love and light, Margaret"

"What can I say?, the Illuminated Warriors is a dream come true and exactly what I needed precisely when I needed it. Thank you so much Waska you are a blessing in my life. Love and light,  Wayne"

"WASKA!... Hallelujah, someone who really gives a sh!t about what men are going through today... without letting us off the hook but guiding us to be responsible and to stand tall. Thank you my brother."

~ Scatman

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