M-Power-Men Tele-Circle calls

Dive Deep into Your Journey of Self Discovery

Monthly Tele-circle calls with the brotherhood will M-Power/ empower you through connection with other men who are going through similar life situations. We tackle issues concerning money, relationships, career, feelings of worthiness; anger; depression; lack and much more.  We all experience trials and challenges as well as wins and joys. The M-Power-Men circle is a forum to share those experiences, thoughts, questions and struggles in a safe and sacred space. An authentic men's community where you get to feel heard & acknowledged for who you are with an opportunity to develop real, trusted and lasting connections. This circle is of men is not about "fixing" anyone - we are about lifting each other up and being supportive; relating honestly; being responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds. Our community is about holding the highest vision of the best version that each of us can be. 

We dedicate our time together for self discovery, healing, connection, inspiration, growth and being of service. Do you ever feel like you are stagnated? Discover practical ways to to get unstuck - move forward and upward; inspire and be inspired. Relevant topics are  discussed as well as opening up the space when a brother feels he needs to get something off his chest - while having the support of his brothers.  

                                              Being a lone-wolf does not serve anyone!

                                CONNECT - COMMIT - LEARN - SHARE - HEAL - GROW  

The community is a spiritual environment of brotherly support not based upon any one religious belief system and all are welcome to explore. This is an invitation to step out of your routine patterns of thinking and begin to BE that which best serves you. As a committed collective of open and  like-minded males we embrace the opportunity to stretch ourselves to overcome the obstacles that are holding us back.  Are you feeling unheard, frustrated, confused, angry?,  Do you crave connection with other men? - men who won't judge and will support your process? 

This unique program is interactive and inspires the way that motivates a healthy and sustainable way of living. You will be encouraged to feel, vision and implement what it is that best serves you. 

We meet on the monthly calls for 60-90 minutes of sharing and reflection. There are on-going inquiry questions which you will receive prior to each months call as well as worksheets to guide and initiate healthy changes.  The greatest benefit to yourself and the brotherhood is the commitment to being present monthly. If it is necessary to miss a circle call a recording will be available to you for playback. 

The time is NOW to step up and explore the possibilities and rise to your full potential - if not now then when?  

I invite you to open the door and make the first step through to a connected, inspired and awakened YOU - Join this illuminated community of conscious men today!   

Rolling Enrollment

 ~  Approximately 60- 90 minute 

      monthly Tele-Circle calls 

 ~ Monthly inquires  

~  Supportive worksheets 

~  Recommended readings 


The Investment in Yourself is  

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        ONLY $33./month   

Calls are recorded and can be played back for those who cannot make it for the live call.

 This is a monthly recurring subscription and can be cancelled at any time.  

Bonus Included for a limited time: FREE 30 minute strategy session to jump start your vision.

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ONLY  $33./month   

You will receive call-in info and  monthly inquiry after registration


Personal 1:1 Mentoring

Developing Healthy Life-Ways

Together we work on dissolving blockages that no longer serve you;  enabling free flow of thought, communication and action. Transforming  old stories and unhealthy patterns that require healing into productive,  joyful and healthy behaviors. 

After inquiry, discovery, vision &  breakthrough - dedicated practical application may then culminate into healthy transformation.


Are you ready to walk that journey?  Give yourself the gift of healing and empowerment TODAY!

* WOMEN please note that 1:1 sessions are available for you as well which focus on helping women to relate  & understand the males in their life (spouse, partner, brother, son,  father, etc.). 

Through clear communication,  acceptance and techniques to cultivate trust, connection, equanimity & intimacy,  a renewed heart-connection can be  formed. My unique approach provides a perspective on the male "way of  being" that females often gain a deeper understand from experiencing. It honors the men's work while  also supporting respective women for enhanced relationships.  

1:1 Mentoring

1:1  Personal Mentoring Sessions are only $133. for 60 minutes.

 Calendar of available appointments will be emailed after registration.  

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Custom Retreats

Reset, Recharge, Renew

A 3 Day Deep Dive Immersion Retreat in beautiful Greenville, SC.
Create a pattern interrupt to reboot and reset from a place of neutrality, balance and clarity.
Get out of your usual environment in order to see from a new perspective.

Personal Retreat Includes:
~ Friday: GSP Airport pickup, welcome dinner, briefing  & intention setting.  
~ Saturday: Morning reflection session, afternoon grounding hike, evening personal energy session.
~ Sunday: Morning yoga, lunch session, quiet reflection space, evening sacred ceremony, future vision 


Itinerary is subject to change considering the specific needs of the individual.
* 2 dinners & 2 lunches included.
* Lodging not included

Contact Waska for pricing


Rites of Passage Program

Are You Ready To Dive Deep Into Self Transformation?

This life enhancing program was founded in 2011 and has evolved with significant power & purpose with each Round. Do you hear the call to gather with other like-minded men who are also on a journey to  achieve their best and highest selves? More and more men of all ages are seeking the empowerment that comes with self-mastery. This program is  for those who are willing to make the commitment to face their shadow-selves and walk into the light of new BEING. Is it your time to do what is necessary to discover, live and be the best version of you? To wake up every morning with a passion & purpose,  generate wealth & abundance, create healthy & loving relationships and to be open to whatever else may be in store for you? Join the Illuminated Warriors and begin the great unfolding that is within each of us. The next Round of the Men's Rites of Passage Program will commence Fall of 2020.  

Rites of Passage

This program is an Initiation into the unknown. Are you ready for something else? something that feels fulfilling and finally makes sense? As men are not taught what we truly need to know through traditional sources so that we may live balanced, healthy and empowered lives. Now is the time to awaken to your ultimate self...are you ready?    Email Waska for more information and an application .

water for wellness


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After much research I found the Tyent alkaline water systems to be head and shoulders above all others on the market in every way...yes they cost a little more than other (inferior) brands out there and there are reasons why... You do get what you pay for and personally I won't skimp when it comes to my health.  I have been drinking only Tyent water for many years and know first hand the amazing benefits, so I turned my family and friends onto it and we have all felt the positive results in various ways. My Mom has Parkinson's Disease and although the company is not allowed to state claims that it helps with such issues, science does prove that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.  After buying so many units the company has offered me a Preferred Dealer discount which I happily pass on to my tribe. That equates to 10% DISCOUNTED savings on the lowest published Tyent pricing.  

Email  to discuss which ionizer/filter system best suits your needs. In the subject line mention: Illuminated Water and be sure to include your phone # and best time to receive a call.
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