Change is inevitable ~ Growth is optional




Way of the Illuminated Warrior is a male Rites of Passage program.

Initiation Rites for young and adult men who seek awareness and growth in their lives.

Rising to the challenges put before us we find ourselves growing from the experiences, making the conscious choice of embracing the light over the chaos.

Facing the fire… taking on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges and transmuting any past hurts and fears into love. We, as Illuminated Warriors support our brothers on our individual paths as well as our communal journey together. There is an overwhelming misconception in our society today of what a man is supposed to be. There are tremendous pressures placed upon us as well as self inflicted ones. With the desire to change and grow along with being present and open to the possibilities, we gather in a safe and sacred way to listen and learn, to teach and to support our highest and best selves. The modern modalities and methods applied are guided and supported by timeless, ancient wisdom.

Honoring the sacredness of all things, we practice communing with the elements, becoming familiar and understanding our own deepest thoughts and desires.  As Illuminated Warriors we take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds – always considering the impact on present and future generations.


 “Desire is the burden of man. He desires more and more – power, money, status… Go back to the earth and simplify to dissolve the desire”

                                                                                        ~ White Feather

White Feather1


Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and push past self-limiting boundaries? ~ To find out what it means to truly be awake and aware? ~ To navigate your own path with autonomy and integrity? ~ Are you looking for balance and peace of mind?

Join the Illuminated Warriors and begin the great unfolding that is within each of us.


At birth our divine potential is folded up within us like a tent. It is our sacred mission and our true life’s purpose to unfold that tent and emerge anew like the butterfly from the cocoon.


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