Ya tah hey!
I Am Waska Waboose
aka Perry W. Finkelstein

With the generosity of spirit of the buffalo's heart, he remembers the healing medicine of humor and laughter as the sacred clown and shares that lightness of spirit in service to the people.

Written above is the meaning and essence of my spiritual name which I embody fully. One need not comprehend precisely what it all means to benefit from the gifts that have been bestow upon me.  What I offer in service is unique and that which cannot be fully expressed in words - it is experiential and life-enhancing. With integrity, balance, truth, honor, empathy, compassion, power and love I am present to aid and witness your great unfolding.

My approach and expertise as a highly intuitive mentor is to support what is in the best and highest vibration of whomever I am working with. Healing, growth and optimum well-being comes from discovering where you may be blocked and ascertaining the most productive and healthy ways to attain a balanced state of being and peace of mind. Feeling truly healthy, whole and healed is not only attainable, it’s essential!

I have walked as well as crawled through the blazing fires of transformation!  I believe that every experience in life worthy of our time, effort and attention/intention offers us opportunity. The sometimes seemingly never-ending challenges are often our greatest opportunities for growth. What are we here for if not to learn, evolve, share the love and be of service?  The Great Mystery ~ Being mindful as well as open to embracing the unknown - until it is known, works for me and may work for you as well... AND it requires diligent work to reap the benefits.

Stagnation is a death sentence for certain! ~ Where do you place your energy?  Energy flows where attention goes… we may invite and direct that energy/life-force to move through and with us in harmonious ways or conversely, we may choose to trap it within our body and mind... Make no mistake, it is a choice - whether made consciously or otherwise - and blocked energy more often than not, shows up as illness and dis-ease; both in the physical as well as in unseen areas.

Assessing & accessing what is called for ~ I recognize that each individual has varying needs and I am able to draw upon a vast trove of wellness modalities and traditions of which I have become adept at. The process utilizes and incorporates my several decades of training, certifications and initiations to facilitate what best assists you. Your commitment and desire for transformation fuels the fire of walking into a new path of healing, growth and successful endeavors… whether your goal is to build healthy relationships; to feel energetic while experiencing true well-being of mind, body & spirit; or perhaps you seek wealth & abundance; maybe you wish to focus on your dharma/life purpose; can it be authentic love & bliss that you seek?  Whatever your desires and vision are, I ask, "WHAT IS STOPPING YOU from having it all?"

As you choose to embark on your own experience, whatever that may be, I offer my services as your advisor and guide on a journey that will illuminate the possibilities of all that you desire and much more...Seek no further!  Click Here to Apply for Coaching.


Since the early 1990's I have studied with many insightful and masterful teachers. Including: Alberto Villoldo, Deepak Chopra, H.H. Dalai Lama, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf,  Q'ero Shamans, numerous indigenous wisdom keepers, Thich Nhat Hanh, Joan Borysenko and others. Some of my greatest teachers have been my sons and other family members. I have been blessed to experienced such diverse and profound wisdom-ways and share much of that sacred knowledge in my work which I have found to be my calling.

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