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Ya tah hey!

 I Am Waska Waboose aka Perry Finkelstein

With the generosity of spirit of the buffalo's heart, he  remembers the healing medicine of humor and laughter as the sacred clown  and shares that lightness of spirit in service to the people. 

Written above is the meaning and essence of my spiritual name which was dreamed 3 times over several years before being presented to me by my mentor and vision keeper of our community. That is the traditional way of the Shishindi people, those more commonly known as the Apache band of Native Americans. I fully resonate and embody the name Waska and live with the intention to serve from that place of spirit and purity of heart. I have been blessed to learn first hand many indigenous ways from traditional, authentic wisdom keepers and elders who were fulfilling prophecy to pass on their knowledge and wisdom-ways to we who are dedicated to perpetuating those vital teachings and practices. 

Along with Native American practices my studies also include:  Buddhism, Taoism, Gnostic and Kabbalistic teachings, Egyptian Mysteries, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Meditation and several martial arts disciplines; Over a decade of facilitating a men's talking stick circle and as founder/facilitator of  the Illuminated Warrior Program since 2011, I have experienced and witnessed much. 

The Illuminated Warrior way is experiential and life-enhancing! Through the teachings and camaraderie of a brotherhood of men you will develop skills and life-ways to live fully, authentically as a leader who plots his own course.

My passion stems from the love and responsibility that comes with raising 3 sons. Balanced, happy and abundant young men who continue to grow and direct their own lives from their strong roots.  I have dedicated many years working with the men who have the courage to show up and be present - sharing practical ways to enhance life and relationships with  those who are ready, willing and able to say YES!  Yes to stretching and standing tall in becoming your best self. Many simply do not know what steps to take to get to where they want to go. Like many things in life, it takes training, commitment and dedication to achieve that which is truly worthwhile. How long have you been struggling with the same issues and how much longer are you willing to wait before taking action?  The wise man realizes that the most valuable thing we have is time and the sooner we get to that 'happy place', the longer we have to enjoy that state of being, doing and having.

I get fired up and excited to work with men who are committed to learning, growing and being proactive.  Are you up to the challenge of growing into the man you are meant to be?  Change is inevitable and growth is optional!

 Whatever your desires and vision are, I ask, "WHAT IS STOPPING YOU from having it all?"

As you choose to embark on your own experience, whatever that may be, I offer my services as your advisor and guide and brother on a journey that will illuminate the possibilities of all that you desire and much more...Seek no further! 


Experience is the best teacher!

Since the early 1990's I have studied with many insightful and  masterful teachers. Including: Alberto Villoldo, Deepak Chopra, H.H.  Dalai Lama, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf,  Q'ero Shamans, numerous indigenous  wisdom keepers, Thich Nhat Hanh, Joan Borysenko and others. Some of my  greatest teachers have been my sons and other family members. I have  been blessed to experienced such diverse and profound wisdom-ways and I share much of that sacred knowledge in my work which I have found to be  my calling.

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