We are well into Round 6 of our Illuminated Warrior work. Spending less time on technology (hence the lack of postings for a while) and more in the real world – feeling, doing and experiencing all that life has to offer. Challenges as well as successes continue to present themselves as the men continue to work on being better at being present in the world and making a difference, effecting positive changes in ourselves as well as in the world around us. “It’s not easy Mama!” – something my father used to say and I understand what he meant. No it’s not always easy nor is it meant to be. As hard as life can be at times, those nagging challenges that keep presenting themselves are truly the best opportunities for growth. We are indeed in the midst of very “interesting” times to say the least in which awareness demands the taking of responsibility by each one of us – the consequences for not doing so are potentially catastrophic as evidenced by the rampant and ongoing corruption, sexual harassment, racial imbalance, etc. It’s time for all men to be as warriors of light in protection of the woman, elders, children and mother earth as all the woman must stand strong in their sacred goddess ways so together we can support and thrive as beloveds on a safe and healthy planet… Be in peace.

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