We started Round 5 yesterday and what a powerful gathering we had. Rolling right into an openhearted dialogue and sharing experiences that helped to bring understanding and healing to all. What a blessing and honor to have the opportunity to sit with other men of integrity, compassion and truth. Aho!

A Channeled Message from Minerva brought in all home:

“Stop Running Away”

Face yourself, says Spirit.
Face your thoughts, your deepest insecurities,
Go deeper,
deeper, deeper than before.
For it is you alone that is giving yourself the nightmares.

You are the illusionist & you are the magician.

Do Not be afraid to face the heavy loads of your heart, for the rewards are beyond compare.

The longer we run from our own beautiful shadow, the longer we cannot see the Sun emerge from under the veil.

Look deeper in the shell of your self-created judgements.
And accept yourself
Accept yourself deeper & greater than ever before.

It is all o.k… you are o.k. Just perfect the way you are.

There is no need to run from your own Divine being – For everything you are, the Dark & the Light, is Divine Will & Love.

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