sacred male

I have heard so much of holding space for the divine feminine which is essential
but what about the sacred male?

I am holding such a loving healing space for all men within this dominant patriarchal society. Today in our society the male is told that he must provide for the women (if she is not willing to do so herself) and yet have no emotion or say about it. He has been painted to be the all encompassing leader of the world, yet most are not shown his internal compass. With such sayings echoing in his subconscious as, “Man up” or ” Stop acting like a Child” , men are given great responsibility to provide and guard yet not being taught how to ground this energy or emotion to do so in a sustainable way.

A true warrior knows that his efforts are not effective unless the inside battles have been won first but our society does not allow this. So many women have then experienced what woman will call “Bad Boys” or “Man Children” (extreme societal examples of imbalance) while this is not a woman’s responsibility to “heal” this space for males,  males come to women because women have been allowed this emotionally open space their whole lives. There is an untouched, purity of heart in a women that men seek within themselves. This feminine space is free flowing and open because women have been allowed the release of emotions unlike our dear male counter part. This then manifests as the “Bad Boy” i.e. someone who has buried the memories of childhood and has created a thick layered diversion to deal with the outer realm, so he can feel accepted and loved by society. Then there are the “Man Children” who want to heal the child space by becoming or staying the child and do not want to be pushed into the mold of current societal construct.

Men need to be provided (NOT JUST BY WOMEN) but by their male counterparts emotionally accepting space to be themselves. In other words a place to tune into the pure heart space that a woman has been allow. The place where the SELF-CONSCIOUS and over compensation through ego turns to SELF- AWARENESS there becomes a soft yet strong harnessed power in this space. This goes for male and female, so that they are both balanced within the male and female energies. The key here is for all of us to start allowing a level of vulnerability and acceptance for both parties, a connection to heart space and connection to each other. Real self examination requires COURAGE to dive within and FEEL not power through but FEEL through your internal compass.

There is a great quote that says, ” A man once asked his father,” Father, how will I ever find the right woman?”

His father replied, ” Forget finding the right woman, focus on being the right man.”

Don’t just be a male, be a man.
In the peaceful warrior sense.

Don’t just strive for external perfection of your body, peel through your emotional layers.
Don’t just strive to be dominant over society but connect with your heart space through community.
Don’t just strive for analytical intelligence but seek humbled wisdom from the spirit.
Don’t blind-fully move through your primal attraction but become aware of how you desire to be satisfied.

Become a true and constant explorer of your own mind, body and spirit.

You will be surprised how you can be met so fully in all areas of life.

You will then be able to truly satisfy the needs of a conscious woman by:

Not simply staring at her beauty but seeing every layer of her being.
By not just flirting with her mind but connecting with her heart.
By not just lusting for her body but craving and achieving satisfying intimacy with her soul.
By not only taking her to bed but creating a unique space so trusting and passionate that you both feel safe to explore the depth of both your desires.

When we look within we gain everything that is with out.

~Jocelyn Daher


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