Walking with my pal Gus today in the woods holding the question in my mind, “where does my power reside?” A few moments later I was delighted to receive an answer that was provided by spirit messenger, Owl. About 30 yards away and perched high in a pine tree with much of her body concealed and camouflaged, her powerful energy called to me. Immediately focusing in on her position I approached slowly and reverently raised my camera while offering gratitude. As if to reciprocate and acknowledge me back, she turned towards me, spread her majestic wings and flew off into the east. What came to me was that my power, much like the sunrise of the new day which begins in the east, resides with me EVERYDAY as I awaken. With the choice to either embrace the gifts as well as the challenges of each new day or to do otherwise, I alone choose to be empowered. May we each hold dear the sacred blessing of choice and live our lives powerfully and to the fullest, rising upon wings of love & light each and every day. Aho.Owl Wisdom

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