Since last season much has transpired and as always, time waits for no man!
We have gathered, shared stories, experiences, ceremony and many deep truths.

The first threshold has been crossed and the path has led us into liminal time – that place between no longer and not yet. It is sacred space where anything is possible. The place where uncertainty, stress and difficult challenges await (oh goodie, more challenges!) – it is also a perfect opportunity to stretch our limits, cross over illusory boundaries and emerge anew. Emerging stronger, wiser and better equipped to navigate life’s continuous opportunities.  Any situation that offers growth, no matter how difficult is indeed an opportunity. We can choose to sink or swim, to be positive and seek solutions rather than feeding into the complain and blame game which only serves to weaken our resolve and our faith in something larger than life itself. I applaud the men, young and old who continue to rise to the challenges presented to them both intentionally through our work together as well as those sent directly from Spirit. There’s a saying, “It takes a village…” it also takes courage, compassion and the strength to be open and vulnerable in the face of uncertainty, anger, loss, pain, etc. in order for our boys and our men to find deep healing and to re-member their true life’s purpose. Please keep us all in prayers for our continued journey together as Illuminated Warriors.

Illuminated Warriors

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