Winter WarriorsBelow are some of the shared comments from the Round 2 Illuminated Warriors:

“I came here in a dark place, but I am leaving in a better one.”

“Illuminated Warriors has helped me. Providing me with ways to get and stay on the path to illumination. Whether a nudge, a call to action or a course correction subtly and sometimes more bluntly. Always, always with love.”

“I learned how to meditate, I learned more about chakras, I learned how to speak my truth and how to help myself grow.”

“I’m not the old me, my story has changed because I was shown another way. I chose to change my story and that is wonderful, Thank you.”

“This Round went deeper, which was difficult for me at first, but being a lover of challenge I dove in. Most were cohesive, some experiences were not.

I learned everyone’s on different levels.”

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