Happy Autumn!

We are gearing up to start another round of challenges and growth as Illuminated Warriors. There are certainly enough challenges presenting themselves these days without having to create more and yet that is part of our work, to meet those difficult situations, people and thoughts head-on in a good way. We do so with patience, compassion and the guidance of Spirit as we travel on the good road promoting “right relationship” with all whom we encounter. This light-work is not meant to be an easy path to journey and at the same time the rewards are abundant and guarantee a more balanced and healthy mind, body and spirit as you stay the course.

Please take a moment to consider anyone you know who may benefit from journeying with us as we begin again to gather in 3 weeks time. Share this info with any and all men, young and old who may respond in kind for the benefit of all.


Contact: waska@7z1.584.myftpupload.com

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