How I May Be of Service



Are You Ready to Dive Deep into Self Transformation?

This interactive and participatory program is designed for those men and boys* who truly seek to walk into the next step on their journey of self-discovery. Stepping into the unknown with faith, commitment, responsibility and the desire to grow into your highest and best self. Whatever your previous experiences and training have been, we begin with 'Buddha Mind' - as an empty/open container to be filled with that which holds the ingredients to create a re-formulated you - one who embodies the skills and mindset to achieve freedom from previous constraints and to stand tall as an Illuminated Warrior. You may be shaken, stirred and mixed up throughout the process!.. And then guided into that sacred and safe space of knowing.

The modern methods and modalities applied are guided and supported by timeless, ancient wisdom. As Illuminated Warriors we take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds – always considering the impact on present and future generations.  Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and push past self-limiting beliefs & boundaries? ~ To find out what it means to truly be awake and aware? ~ To navigate your own path with autonomy, authenticity, power and integrity? ~ Do you seek balance and peace of mind? If you are reading this, perhaps this is your wake-up call, your invitation! So what are you waiting for, what is holding you back?

" Try not! Do or do not, there is no try" ~ Master Yoda

Join the Illuminated Warriors and begin the great unfolding that is within each of us.
At birth our divine potential is folded up within us like a tent. It is our sacred mission and our true life’s purpose to unfold that tent and emerge anew like the butterfly from the cocoon.

When the student is ready ~ the teacher will appear!


Program Details:
Subject to change (Change is inevitable ~ growth optional)

* The next Round begins early June 2019
* We begin with your Vision then move into Breakthrough >>Application>>Empowerment
* 9 Month commitment to attend 1 day/month Team Zoom Video Calls
* 1 Monthly Accountability Session - by phone
* 1 Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call
* Prerecorded Audio Trainings/ Prerecorded Video Trainings
* Monthly Worksheets & Suggested Readings
* 3 Day Retreat encompassing an Initiation>>Ceremony>>Celebration (Location TBA)

This program is by application only with a limited number of enrollment spaces available. Further details will be forthcoming if you are accepted into the program. Click the APPLY NOW button below and see if this is destined to be your call to adventure!

* Boys younger than 18 years old require a male parent or guardian to also be enrolled in the program