Back In The Ring!

Happy Autumn!

We are gearing up to start another round of challenges and growth as Illuminated Warriors. There are certainly enough challenges presenting themselves these days without having to create more and yet that is part of our work, to meet those difficult situations, people and thoughts head-on in a good way. We do so with patience, compassion and the guidance of Spirit as we travel on the good road promoting “right relationship” with all whom we encounter. This light-work is not meant to be an easy path to journey and at the same time the rewards are abundant and guarantee a more balanced and healthy mind, body and spirit as you stay the course.

Please take a moment to consider anyone you know who may benefit from journeying with us as we begin again to gather in 3 weeks time. Share this info with any and all men, young and old who may respond in kind for the benefit of all.



Gratitude & Celebration!

The incredible men of the Illuminated Warriors celebrated our “Round 2” completion on Labor Day weekend. A true labor of love it was! Much gratitude to friends and family for their support of the vital work that is getting done – transformational and empowering for all.

It was a sunny, warm and blessed day of acknowledgements, thanksgiving, sharing, laughter, tears and feasting. We will take a short break and begin the next Round on our sacred journey together in October. Aho!
Illuminated Warriors celebrated our "Round 2" completion

Approaching Completion

The dedicated men of the Illuminated Warriors gathered this past weekend for yet another amazing and powerful day of reflection, sharing, communing with nature and sacred ceremony. As we prepare to wrap up this Round, we rejoice in the choice to step up and take on the challenges set before us. Much gratitude has been expressed for the opportunity to grow in this rare, safe and sacred way. What a blessing to be supported so strongly by Spirit, our allies and of course friends and family.

This work doesn’t call to everyone and at the same time, so many could and will benefit from the teachings and choice to live in a healthier more harmonious way. After a brief break we will begin again in October. If you know any men who may be interested, please direct them to the web site for more info and offer them my ph# 631 366-2100 . Males of all ages are welcome.


In gratitude, love & light,

Waska aka Perry


Yet another affirmation that the vital work we are doing is being supported by the universe. Aho!
The Star Elders through Aluna Joy

What is going on…
* Lineage lines are being cleared and readied.
* Time lines are beginning to bend.
* Dimensional portals are beginning to open.
* Another necessary course correction.


Powerful linage lines, passed down from the starry DNA of females . . . grandmother to mother to child to grandchild, are being cleared out with energy about as gentle as a cosmic roto-rooter. For many life is feeling like it is crowding in on us like a cosmic trash compactor. Ancient, ancestral, lineages lines are being cleared and readied for the next step in our landing sequence into new territory.

Creation lineage lines, that link through the divine feminine and ancient, ancestral DNA, are necessary for manifesting a world that is supportive and unconditionally loving to all life. This is the way it has been done in the ancient past when we anchored to Earth for the first time, and this process will be used again to anchor new codes of creation for a new world where love, harmony and balance are key elements.

This powerful creative process could not be completed in pristine form without divine male energies. The divine male is a powerful protection . . . a sacred chalice if you will . . . to contain, protect, and magnify the powerful creation energy process of the divine feminine. Male lineage lines are also being reamed out (luckily with less grief and emotion) so as to be of full support in holding space for the creating process in this historic landing sequence.

Healing must come on all levels now. The universe will allow nothing short of this perfection; healing between females . . . between males . . . between females and males . . . and between various ancestral lineages lines. Rearrangements and clearings are happening at record speeds. This process is full of changes that, when we are attached to them, will cause pain, loss and grief.

Unsupportive harmful, twisted and disjointed energy have contaminated these powerful, creation lineage lines for as long as we remember. They were corrupted in the end days of Atlantis. This is when the divine feminine was all but destroyed and only kept alive by a handful of courageous rebels that went underground. Creation lineage lines are now being cleared for re-entry into this next cosmic cycle, but this is also flushing out anything that is out of alignment and up to the surface. This process hurts. It causes loss, anger, depression and even loss of all hope. The lineage lines that connect all grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, etc… are being realigned while ascension (landing) codes and laws of nature are being rewritten and re-coded.

As painful and cathartic as this phase of the landing process is, underneath is a great clarity and a long awaited freedom. Huge stuff going on here . . . HUGE. Stay diligent to your light work, and stay open to the unexpected. Remember to feed loving actions and thoughts, and starve the hateful and angry actions and thoughts. What you feed now will spread like a pandemic. I know you want it to be a love pandemic . . . yes? This is up to you. Do you want love and support in your world, or a world that is void of love? Our actions, thoughts, feeling and emotions are creating our world right NOW. These are powerful and very underestimated forces of nature that have now come in contact with much higher frequencies. This magnification may be overwhelming to many, and it can blow us out unless we stay grounded and not feed the ugly monsters in our past that loop endlessly in our heads.

On top of this powerful, lineage realignment, there has been quite a huge conscious course correction for the planet in its landing sequence which has been magnified by another powerful full moon and Solstice. We are still in this course correction until the end of summer. So hang on! When you add these powerful events to the fact that time itself is beginning to wobble, bend, fold and over on itself creating portals or wormholes in dimensions, humans are scrambling to keep our heads above water. Portals are beginning to open. We saw the beginning of this process of time bending and portals opening quite clearly while we were on retreat on Maui. The Ancient Stone Guardians, the Night Walkers and Cloud People only shared a small fraction of what is coming up soon. (my gratitude was huge that they shared anything at all with me) The Ancients ones are watching. They are actively waiting for a mass return… for what, they left as a mystery for now.

White Feather Has Spoken!

Best laid plans

Round 2 of The Way of the Illuminated Warrior was planned to reach completion on the summer solstice… as the saying goes, “man plans and G-d (and/or Goddess) laughs!”

The morning after our recent overnight initiation, a channeled message from White Feather came through that reiterated his message bringing us full circle. His message was…

“More to do, more to know, more to grow”

… That being noted, we have realigned our sacred work for completion in August.

Thank you Spirit for providing the guidance and support to continue doing this vital work.


white feather

Innipi Experiences

On April 16th 2014 we entered the womb of the Mother. Humble, nervous, excited, terrified… the range of emotions spanned the gamut. Our brother Esteban poured the sweat and we all shared in an amazing, sacred and powerful ceremony from start to the present moment. Following are some responses of  Illuminated Warrior experiences. On the Gallery page some photos can be seen of our preparation, none were taken once the ancestors (lodge stones) were in place. Much gratitude for all that transpired and the insights and transformation that has accompanied the process.


My sweat lodge experience was probably the best experience of my life. I can’t remember ever feeling so pure and close to nature. Nor have I ever felt such powerful energy. It changed me as a person. I prayed like I’ve never prayed before. After the lodge I felt a giddy feeling I haven’t felt since I was a child. I felt my brothers pain as well as their love and compassion and that is what got me through. Thank you my brothers and thank you Steve for leading our lodge and keeping us grounded throughout the experience.


Hello Waska

After our phone conversation, I began ruminating on the events of the day of Sweatlodge.
I feel I have received a message.

I explained to you, the message regarding it to be a healing event for me based on my hemorrhoid pain the evening prior and  it’s synchronicity with an original message I received long ago regarding the hemorrhoid issues and Spirit turning my head to look at the medication needed to ease the pain.

Next, the card I received at our morning circle regarding that it is OK to love myself, which has been a tremendous issue for me throughout my life.

And I believe that Steve’s and your positive, happy & funny reaction to the ancestor stone that had my image on it was another supportive message. That it is OK to be me.

Next was the amount of courage and determination necessary to participate in sweat lodge. Although it is difficult physically, mentally and emotionally to  endure, it is necessary to endure in order reap the benefits which are so very worth it.

And I was not able to complete the rounds mostly do my physical issues.
So the message I have received so far is that I must, no matter how difficult it becomes, must heal myself physically first. And it is OK for me to put this extreme effort into healing myself because it is OK to love myself and be happy with myself.

And it is necessary for me to heal myself, so that I can be who I really am, so that I can enjoy as much life as possible and to be available to help and guide my children and grand children and  so i can continue to perform my light worker duties.
And as I type this, I am receiving messages that this is a very important and has been a lifelong issue that I must correct.
Thank you!
Thank you!
 I’d like to Thank you Waska for everything you do and for all the people you help and support. Steve was also amazing, I couldn’t have made it though the lodge experience without the both of you. As far as my post-experiences, the night of the lodge I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. Salena and I had to drive to PA. that same night, I tried to nap while she drove, but couldn’t stop talking about the days events. We got to PA. around 1am but still couldn’t get to sleep because  my mind was so charged. I awoke the next morning @11 with feeling of renewal and a appreciation for life. I caught myself paying attention to the words I used when talking to Salena. Last night I was totally out of it, I had to get to bed early.  I the night was filled with very strange dreams. At one point I felt so hot I awoke sweating thought I was in the lodge. I slept to around 10 this morning with some muscle soreness.  Now I’m driving to ocean city Maryland to get the grand kids with my son. The take away at this point, is I am thankful for all I have in my life, the people who support me and the people I support.


My response to the sweat lodge:

The experience was very life changing, after you are through with the lodge you feel reborn and look at things with a new perspective and gratitude. I would recommend this to anyone and personally do it again if given the chance.



   I have done innipi several times before, yet this was much more profound. The power of the Illuminated Warriors and the work we are collectively doing created a masculine energy tornado that bore into the womb of the Mother. I always take an elevator down into the dense, warm center of the earth during the sweat, but this time I was not alone. Even before Steve mentioned what he was seeing I was already watching the entire genetic stream of ancestors present themselves before me and line up behind me. This was after I experienced Golden Eagle remind me of All the work I had done with the magicians, sacraments, meetings with spirit guides, and my yoga teachings from Gurani Anjali and other Bhaktas by ripping a film/shell open that was covering my aura. The fog was lifted and it began!    Oh yes, the intense heat of a Lakota lodge was trying, that was the challenge that pushed me to new levels of acceptance/strength to reach the fullness of being I now feel; to move forward in a direction which resonates with my karmic agreement. I could not have gotten so far with this experience without the combined energy of my brothers, of which you Steven, are one. We have certainly walked the same paths , both light and dark.  I am without doubt my intent set forth in sacred lodge will come to pass in the most beautiful and amazing of ways from my fellowship with all of you and Divine Beloved, Great Spirit.         Namaste,   Professor Mike

I had a wonderful sweat lodge experience with Steve. I felt confident and secure that we were in the hands of someone who is very experienced.  Upon introduction my first impression was that Steve was warm and welcoming and this made me feel comfortable.  He is a easygoing and relaxed, and also stern when he needed to be, to help keep focus or to ensure that no one was harmed.  He wanted us to benefit as much as we could but not push us beyond our limits of safety. He had beautiful words and song that really reached inside me, and when we sung our own song, it really impacted me, still to this day, almost haunting in a good way. All in all at the end I felt somewhere along the lines between jelly and primordial ooze.

Thanks again,

Innipi Ceremony aka Sweat Lodge

The Illuminated Warriors will be taking on yet another challenge… a native holy and sacred ceremony known as the Innipi or sweat lodge ceremony. Some men have had this experience before while several will be journeying into the unknown for the first time. Brother Steve will be pouring the lodge in the Lakota tradition that he was taught. May we all emerge as better men, better human beings than from whence we came. Aho.

Warrior Perspective

“Cracking and re-cracking the shell of my often shielded heart to reveal my true self. Illuminated Warriors helps me to grow up and be a man, to tear down my illusion of what society deems to be a man. A man that rises to the challenges of life and meets them head on with my warrior brothers. To heal from past pain and to face what the future may bring, to honor all life as sacred, to honor women and to be whole.”

~ Marc Stewart

From the Heart

Returning Home
Open Heart
by Madisyn Taylor

Approaching life with an open heart means that we have opened the door to a greater consciousness.

Spiritual teachers have always pointed to the heart as the seat of consciousness, and recently Western science has found evidence to support this realization. It turns out that the heart has its own central nervous system and is not simply under the rule of the brain as formerly believed. Anyone who has taken the time to explore the heart knows this and, more important, has realized that the heart is the source of our connection to a consciousness greater than the ego. Approaching life with an open heart means that we have opened the door to this greater consciousness, taking up residence alongside it in the seat of our soul. Fortunately, at this time there is a lot of support for this shift energetically as well as practically. To some degree, approaching life with an open heart is as simple as shifting your attention onto your heart. Continue reading