Walking Deeper and Deeper into the Unknown

We are well into Round 6 of our Illuminated Warrior work. Spending less time on technology (hence the lack of postings for a while) and more in the real world – feeling, doing and experiencing all that life has to offer. Challenges as well as successes continue to present themselves as the men continue to work on being better at being present in the world and making a difference, effecting positive changes in ourselves as well as in the world around us. “It’s not easy Mama!” – something my father used to say and I understand what he meant. No it’s not always easy nor is it meant to be. As hard as life can be at times, those nagging challenges that keep presenting themselves are truly the best opportunities for growth. We are indeed in the midst of very “interesting” times to say the least in which awareness demands the taking of responsibility by each one of us – the consequences for not doing so are potentially catastrophic as evidenced by the rampant and ongoing corruption, sexual harassment, racial imbalance, etc. It’s time for all men to be as warriors of light in protection of the woman, elders, children and mother earth as all the woman must stand strong in their sacred goddess ways so together we can support and thrive as beloveds on a safe and healthy planet… Be in peace.

Round 5 is Underway


We started Round 5 yesterday and what a powerful gathering we had. Rolling right into an openhearted dialogue and sharing experiences that helped to bring understanding and healing to all. What a blessing and honor to have the opportunity to sit with other men of integrity, compassion and truth. Aho!

A Channeled Message from Minerva brought in all home:

“Stop Running Away”

Face yourself, says Spirit.
Face your thoughts, your deepest insecurities,
Go deeper,
deeper, deeper than before.
For it is you alone that is giving yourself the nightmares.

You are the illusionist & you are the magician.

Do Not be afraid to face the heavy loads of your heart, for the rewards are beyond compare.

The longer we run from our own beautiful shadow, the longer we cannot see the Sun emerge from under the veil.

Look deeper in the shell of your self-created judgements.
And accept yourself
Accept yourself deeper & greater than ever before.

It is all o.k… you are o.k. Just perfect the way you are.

There is no need to run from your own Divine being – For everything you are, the Dark & the Light, is Divine Will & Love.

Conrats Round 3

On June 21st, the summer solstice, World Peace & Prayer Day and Father’s Day, the Illuminated Warriors celebrated the completion of the 3rd Round of elevating our spiritual growth. We gathered and shared acknowledgements, conversation, gifts, good company and a delicious feast.

Gratitude for those who continue to support our work of be-coming healthier, happier, more balanced, creative and empowered men on this planet. We will be in recess until October when the next Round will begin. More challenges, obstacles and opportunities to learn, teach, share and grow. Please refer any males, young and old who may be open to this sacred and vital work. Namaste.


Inipi ~ Sweat Lodge

Turning the heat up to “11” the Illuminated Warriors constructed a Native American sweat lodge and gave up the notion of being in control as Great Spirit guided the energy in sacred ceremony. Our mantra was, “no expectations” which served us well as some major obstacles were thrown our way. With the help of the Goddess and strong intentions, we were able to enter liminal time and space to do our work and emerge purified and much lighter for the experience. Much gratitude to all those who supported our efforts.

Approaching the ninth month of our group’s gathering and growth together, we now prepare to birth our new selves with the completion of this Round. Kadeeshte – All is made beautiful.

inipi IMG_0408 IMG_0411 IMG_0428 IMG_0431 IMG_0432Inipi

You Have Heard of The Divine Feminine But Where is the Sacred Male?

sacred male

I have heard so much of holding space for the divine feminine which is essential
but what about the sacred male?

I am holding such a loving healing space for all men within this dominant patriarchal society. Today in our society the male is told that he must provide for the women (if she is not willing to do so herself) and yet have no emotion or say about it. He has been painted to be the all encompassing leader of the world, yet most are not shown his internal compass. With such sayings echoing in his subconscious as, “Man up” or ” Stop acting like a Child” , men are given great responsibility to provide and guard yet not being taught how to ground this energy or emotion to do so in a sustainable way. Continue reading

Owl Wisdom

Walking with my pal Gus today in the woods holding the question in my mind, “where does my power reside?” A few moments later I was delighted to receive an answer that was provided by spirit messenger, Owl. About 30 yards away and perched high in a pine tree with much of her body concealed and camouflaged, her powerful energy called to me. Immediately focusing in on her position I approached slowly and reverently raised my camera while offering gratitude. As if to reciprocate and acknowledge me back, she turned towards me, spread her majestic wings and flew off into the east. What came to me was that my power, much like the sunrise of the new day which begins in the east, resides with me EVERYDAY as I awaken. With the choice to either embrace the gifts as well as the challenges of each new day or to do otherwise, I alone choose to be empowered. May we each hold dear the sacred blessing of choice and live our lives powerfully and to the fullest, rising upon wings of love & light each and every day. Aho.Owl Wisdom

Warrior Perspectives

Winter WarriorsBelow are some of the shared comments from the Round 2 Illuminated Warriors:

“I came here in a dark place, but I am leaving in a better one.”

“Illuminated Warriors has helped me. Providing me with ways to get and stay on the path to illumination. Whether a nudge, a call to action or a course correction subtly and sometimes more bluntly. Always, always with love.”

“I learned how to meditate, I learned more about chakras, I learned how to speak my truth and how to help myself grow.”

“I’m not the old me, my story has changed because I was shown another way. I chose to change my story and that is wonderful, Thank you.”

“This Round went deeper, which was difficult for me at first, but being a lover of challenge I dove in. Most were cohesive, some experiences were not.

I learned everyone’s on different levels.”

Winter Warriors

Since last season much has transpired and as always, time waits for no man!
We have gathered, shared stories, experiences, ceremony and many deep truths.

The first threshold has been crossed and the path has led us into liminal time – that place between no longer and not yet. It is sacred space where anything is possible. The place where uncertainty, stress and difficult challenges await (oh goodie, more challenges!) – it is also a perfect opportunity to stretch our limits, cross over illusory boundaries and emerge anew. Emerging stronger, wiser and better equipped to navigate life’s continuous opportunities.  Any situation that offers growth, no matter how difficult is indeed an opportunity. We can choose to sink or swim, to be positive and seek solutions rather than feeding into the complain and blame game which only serves to weaken our resolve and our faith in something larger than life itself. I applaud the men, young and old who continue to rise to the challenges presented to them both intentionally through our work together as well as those sent directly from Spirit. There’s a saying, “It takes a village…” it also takes courage, compassion and the strength to be open and vulnerable in the face of uncertainty, anger, loss, pain, etc. in order for our boys and our men to find deep healing and to re-member their true life’s purpose. Please keep us all in prayers for our continued journey together as Illuminated Warriors.

Illuminated Warriors